Is Getting A Press Release Service Worth Your Money?

Business owners that haven’t tried a press release service have one common question in mind. Is getting one really worth their money?

To understand its value, let’s take a look at this scenario. One company has been writing press release distribution service for a number of years. However, if you’re going to search on Google, none of the releases appeared.

When asked what kind of distribution they use, they claimed that the PR person only pitched directly to the media. As you can see, releases have evolved and changed the media landscape.

press release distribution service

Releases aren’t only valuable for the media. Today, they are marketing tools that enable your brand to be found on the search engine. If you’re not using an online distribution service, it is a big opportunity loss for you.

Let’s see the two opposing points of views about the use of newswire services.

People who favored the service say that using it is worth the money due to these reasons:

  • It enhances credibility. Your news are distributed to different major publication, which improved your reputation as a brand. Aside from that, writing releases that show your brand as an expert is designed to boost your credibility.
  • You get monitoring and analytics reports that are essential for you to measure reach.
  • There is a high chance that your news gets picked up by the media. When it is covered, your new gets expose in a wider audience.
  • Releases are syndicated on Yahoo and other big news sites that boost your brand ranking.
  • It reaches bloggers and social media influencers which maximizes the brand’s exposure.

People who don’t favor the service claim that it is a complete waste of money. Here is why they say it isn’t a good decision to invest in the service:

  • Writing service is costly. Write your own releases if you can. These companies ask about $500 or more to write your releases. This is on top of the distribution cost.
  • Distribution is expensive. Distribution will cost you around hundreds up to thousands of dollars. If they convince you to have regular distribution, let’s say monthly, this is a big investment for you.  
  • There’s no guarantee that your release will be read. Distribution companies syndicate your news in their websites and on the sites of major news publications. There’s a very slim chance that it will be picked up journalists. The media prefer those who pitched them directly.
  • If you opt for the less expensive package, you need to wait a longer time to see your release go live. You need to get a higher package of distribution if you want it to be seen sooner.
  • There is a word limit in press releases. Some sites require that your release should only be up to 400 words. Any excess means additional cost.
  • It doesn’t help you secure media coverage. Your goal of distributing it is to land publicity. However, it is not the first choice to have coverage.

Are newswire services, effective? It depends on the results. Don’t just rely on this tactic alone.

You can’t grow relationships with the media. Some marketers commit the mistake of just depending on the service to earn media coverage.

Keep in mind that journalists receive tons of email pitches daily. A lot of marketers and PR professionals are reaching out to them. Building relationships to earn publicity.

If you’ll solely depend on distribution service, you’ll likely have a slow PR. These services are only tools to reach your goals and not actually your end goal.

Don’t depend on them for your entire PR efforts. As a brand, you need to build relationships with the press and reach out to your target audience.

The best way to maximize your PR is to combine using the service and pitching directly to the media. This way, you get a better chance of getting publicity and reaching your audience.